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Anjana B's bikini pix from Hollywood film leaked

Film producers, directors and security agents have always known the dangers and vulnerabilities of new age smart phones which have high end cameras with good resolution, accuracy and even zoom options that makes clicking almost professional photographs even from a distance, really easy even for the common man.

Actress Anjana B’s recently fell prey to one such smart phone. Her bikini pix for a film publicity shoot in Goa for the Hollywood film Love & Passion were leaked last week and released on a Bollywood content website The director David S Wolfe was understandably angry and wanted to get to the root of the problem. A source from informed director David S Wolfe that the photographs were provided by a photographer who claimed to have "bought" the rights to the photographs. The director was shocked. How can someone 'buy' the rights of the stills of his film even before they were released?

A little probing revealed that a unit spot bo…