Pooja Kanwal to anchor the Star Parivar Awards in Macau

Film and Television actress Pooja Kanwal is all set to anchor the “Star Parivaar Awards 2011” at Macau on 24th February. Recently Pooja has received critical acclaim for her anchoring skills and the “Star Parivaar awards 2011” is another feather in her cap. Pooja Kanwal is also currently anchoring for the popular television show “Comedy Circus” and is also receiving accolades for her performance in the daily soap, “Sasural Genda Phool”.

From Bollywood to Theatre to Modeling, Pooja Kanwal Mahtani has done it all. She has modeled for reputed brands like Reliance-Big T.V, Olay, Lipton, Emirates and Zandu Balm. She is also a trained dancer with nearly 8 years of experience and has honed her skills in all forms of dances including ‘Jazz’, ‘Ballet’, ‘Hip-hop’ and ‘Kathak’. She performed opposite Zayed Khan at ‘F awards’. Her performances have been well – received by audiences even in South-Indian films like ‘Student’, ‘7’O clock’, ‘Thirupati’, ‘Thiaparali Tharlegallu’. She was also able to make her mark in Punjabi films like ‘Mini Punjab’ and ‘Jawani Zindabad’. The industry grapevine seems to suggest that Pooja is now all set to display her dancing skills in a popular dance reality show which is set to take off in the coming season.

Well, this is not the end there is lots more coming from Pooja Kanwal.

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